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Haven't been here in a while, a long while

I was lucky to even remember my username and password. heh.

I don't really think anyone cares either way.

Here's an update anyway:
Planning on getting a job. Yes. A JOB.
Suffering from writers block and laziness.
That's about it.

I have a facebook, but hell I don't remember how to link it.
Mostly on dA, or facebook.

See you in another year. If I forget about my LJ.
ArtSites: Where you can view my artworks: Original, Fanart and more: Deviantart: http://rmr34.deviantart.com (Artwork) also http://ruth-minamino.deviantart.com (my stories) Storm-Artists.net: http://rmr34.storm-artists.net Paperdemon: http://rmr34.paperdemon.com (Artwork & Stories) Mangabullet: http://rmr34.mangabullet.com Sheezyart: http://rmr34.sheezyart.com (I don't hardly go there.) Writing sites: Fictionpress.com: (Original stories only): http://www.fictionpress.com/~ruthminamino Fanfiction.net: (Fanfiction Only) : http://www.fanfiction.net/~ruthminamino Wordpress: http://ruthloveskurama.wordpress.com/ Forum: http://rms.mybb3.org/index.php Myspace: http;//www.myspace.com/ruthloveskurama (I think. I don't go there anymore.) MyAnimeList:http://myanimelist.net/profile/RuthLovesKurama

I'm on many anime/manga forums, and more.



My stories move, and writer's block

Just to let anyone who is interested in reading my stories, that you can read them Online at: http://rmr34.deviantart.com  One thing is, that if mature content you will have to register in order to read. which is fun and easy. Register and watch me and fav my writings, and drawings!

Seems I'm suffering a bit of writer's block! :O Hopefully I'll get over it soon.
This Fridays updates at my deviantart: Love of Bloodsuckers ch 12!
Please go check out my devianart!

My New Forum... and read my stories online

I made a forum. You can discuss a lot of things. Anime, Manga, video games, etc. And discuss my Stories! xD Please Join! Please Join!
I'll be very very happy if you do! You don't want me sad, now do you? :(

Also, you can now, read chapters of my stories Online at my wordpress site! Password not required, but still for downloading volumes, and new chapters or stories or volumes. Check it out, and read!!!!
I posted a fanfic on my wordpress site. http://ruthloveskurama.wordpress.com
It's an Inuyasha & YuYu Hakusho crossover. You can read it there, and no password needed!

If you want to read my original stories, you need to PM at forums I'm on, or somehow PM me here, I haven't figured out much yet here yet. Sorry.
Second Volume of Love of Bloodsuckers is up at the wordpress site, but you must PM or something for passwords to it and the other stories.

Also you can find me on Deviantart  http://rmr34.deviantart.com  You can register there and note me there if you are already there plus watch me.
I also, post a video, I'm not a fangirl! It's stick figures but I think its pretty funny. That's all for now.


Hi. I just started on LiveJournal, so please give me time to put everything together on here.
I am thinking of putting my stories on here if I can.
I like anime and Manga. So if your a fan or whatever please request to be friend.
Also, I love Otome Video games, so if you're one or something to do with translation of a computer game or anything about Otome games, request.
Thank you.
 Look forward for more!

PS. If you want you can check out my other sites!  http://ruthloveskurama.wordpress.com & http://rmr34.deviantart.com